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Our ethos at rose & relish is to provide delicious, seasonal food throughout the year by using traditional preserving and fermentation techniques to create unique and delicious preserves, for those who care about flavour and love to try something new. 

From kombucha to kimchi, sourdough crackers to jam, all our food is handmade in small batches in our kitchen in Leicestershire. 

It’s all vegan-friendly and we strive to always use fresh, home-grown produce from our allotment.

Where to Find Us


We’re stocked at EcoVillage in Market Harborough.
You can find our range including, very tasty jars of Carrot Kraut, Spicy Sriracha, and Rainbow Chard Pickle in the Main Room at the Eco Village, just on the way through to Refill.

You can find out a little more about the Eco Village here https://eco-village.co.uk/pages/rose-relish

Nature’s Intention

We’re also stocked at the wonderful Nature’s Intention in Bromsgrove.
You can find our full range including, refreshing Elderflower Kombucha, chutneys and jams, and of course our sourdough crackers in a refillable option!

No Frills Refills

You can also find our prodcuts stocked at No Frills Refills in Ibstock.
Fran stocks a delicious mix of chutneys and jams, kombucha and sourdough crackers, including refills options so you can bring your empty containers and choose as much as you need!


Check out our events page for any food festivals, supper clubs, farmers markets and more

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